Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The King is back.

Eminem has just released his new album "Recovery" Masterpiece comes to mind. The most talented lyricist in the whole of Hip-Hop has some how found a way to get even better. His lyrics are tighter, stronger and just ooze confidence. He is once again untouchable. The opening track "Cold wind blows" is one of my favourites from the album, the beat and the lyrics go hand-in-hand as very dark and angry. The collaborations with Rihanna and Pink are fantastic and the verse on the song "No love" with Lil Wayne may be one of the best of his career. I'm not a fan of Lil Wayne, I just don't get it. Despite this, I can say it's one of his better efforts and the song has a tremendously catchy flow. The song "You're never over" which was written and performed for deceased D12 member and best friend "Proof" is a perfect ending to the album.

He's back to his old self, let's hope he stays that way, if he does Hip-Hop will continue to be in his debt.

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