Sunday, 12 December 2010

Make that change.

Coming up to that New Years resolution time of the year where business for Gym's sky rockett and efforts to attend them fail miserably. So why is this?

Change really isn't as easy as some people would like to think it is. Some people are able to make dramatic changes where others struggle to do so. So what does this mean? It means some people are pre-destined with the genetic make-up and environmental factors that can foster this behaviour. Otherwise, you are almost trying to change paths when there is no bridge between them.

So based on this logic, change almost occurs based on a coming-out-of-a-coma-like state. If you're lucky enough to experience this, make changes quick before you slip back into your life coma, it's often unavoidable. Our Waking Lives are often so mundane it's as if we are merely the spectators of a life that is being played out on its own, like a Dvd set to repeat.

Change must be gradual and structured. It requires focus, discipline and sacrifice so if you are unable to display any of these qualities you're only hope will be that life makes the changes for you and that rarely goes the way you would like it to.

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