Friday, 17 December 2010

Somewhere....(There is a point to this film)

Now, before i begin to attempt to explain to you how bad this film is, let me first make something clear, I LIKE FILMS WHERE NOT much HAPPENS. Some of my favourite films include The Anniversary party, Coffee and Cigarettes, Before Sunrise & Sunset, The station agent and most notably, Sofia Copolla's last effort, Lost in Translation. I like films that rely on dialogue and character. Films that are comfortable to have characters share a familiar situation which is true to life. This is the beauty of film-making.

I saw "Somewhere" at the cinema the other night, I think. It quite easily could have been Lost in Translation, or an edited version where someone had taken out all of the good bits. Copolla has made the same film again but decided that there was too much storyline last time. This time she relies on the excitement of real life, you know, like when you take a shower or brush your teeth.

It opens up with a car circling an off road track. You think "this is intriguing" Let me warn you, it's not. It's simply a preview of what's to come.

There is one scene where we're actually watching the grass grow. I think the only time my heart rate reached "alive" was when Chris Pointius plays some Guitar Hero, by comparison it was almost watchable.

So to conclude, awful, just awful.

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  1. Damn - I was looking forward to seeing this and now I might just give it a miss....perhaps I was just swayed by the thought of Stephen Dorff in swimming trunks......